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Asphalt 8 Airborne: Top 10 Tips and Tricks for a Better Racing Experience

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Most mobile games players know about the top quality racing game called Asphalt 8: Airborne. In this game you can use real life cars in your mobile phone. One thing that differentiates real life driving from mobile driving is that amazing stunts can be performed with these luxury cars.

This mobile racing game has many stages and multiplayer aspects that can be a little overwhelming most of the time, however we are here to provide you with some tricks on how to be a pro racer.

Below we have 10 tricks /tips/cheats on how to become a pro racer in Asphalt 8: Airborne.

1. Enable to achieve all the stars at all the stages

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Each stage has unlockable stars which are mostly utilized when you want to unlock new roads and stages. You can also purchase in-game products using these stars. Each time a new star is earned, this plays a role in unlocking a one-time money bonus that is gotten when each race is finished. Make sure you achieve the one-time money bonus in order to have much cash through the completion of many races.

2. If you want to purchase something, enable to purchase those car pack

You may be having second thoughts about spending real cash on this game, however if you choose to do so, enable to buy those car packs. Car packs comprise of different categories of cars. These car packs should be bought when you begin the game. You should preferably purchase car packs with categories of cars that you are lacking as compared to buying car packs towards the end of the game with you have already used.

3. The map should be used to the optimal level

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The most essential tip to know when playing Asphalt 8 is that every map has a set of different routes, secret passages and shortcuts. The routes can either be short or long and the navigation difficulty varies from one route to another. You have to master these routes in order to be victorious in your races and pick the route the matches with your style of driving while enabling to take first on the competition. It is preferable to practice each route as much as possible in order to master the paths, shortcuts and secret passages.

4. Drift like a pro

Drifting during curves will help you to get the best supply of nitro. It is easy to drift, all you have to do is tap the break button and the drift will start (tapping the break button again will stop the drift mode). During drifts, you can easily regain your speed and get more nitro which is very essential.

5. Maintain the safety of your car by mastering the tracks.

In order to maintain the safety of your car, you have to master the layouts of the track in order to get pass dangerous moments. Carefully monitor the tracks in all the stages because it will help you to memorize all the tracks and curves that can destroy your vehicle.

6. What are the two most essential updates to purchase?

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The handling and top speed features are the two most essential upgrades that you need to purchase. The handling upgrade gives you the ability to easily manage your ride, hence giving you the opportunity to become first at every race. The top speed upgrade gives you the ability to increase the maximum speed of your vehicle to higher levels. After getting these two essential upgrades, you should then go for the nitro and acceleration upgrades.

7. Try to use nitro only towards the end of each race

Nobody likes to get defeated towards the end of a race, especially if you were leading the whole race. In order to avoid defeat you have to learn how to manage your nitro. This will help you to take first position at each race.

8. Always observe the score of your rivals

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If your rival has a higher score, they are more likely to become more powerful during races. An opponent with a higher score will easily ram your vehicle in order to take the lead and sometimes your opponent may completely destroy your ride. The takedown feature in this mode has been balanced by Gameloft which means your vehicle won't be completely damaged when rammed by a boosting car. But, your vehicle can still be damaged by passing into the wall or driving away from the main track. Try to be fearless and aggressive when driving.

9. Try as much as you can to go Airborne

There is a reason why this game has "airborne" in its title. It is very necessary to perform airborne tricks. So try to perform the barrel rolls in order to remain in the air for as long as possible. Utilize nitro before going airborne in order to gain extra speed and enjoy the full experience.

10. Enable to obtain the In-Game Bonuses

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Little bonuses are granted for carrying out several stunts during each race. Try to see the rundown below in order to understand the tasks that carry bonuses.

  • Ram opponents cars
  • Slightly abstain from merging with the cars of opponents
  • Take down road blocks and cones
These bonuses are very essential because they can boost your In-game currency, therefore try to carry out the above tasks as many times as you can.