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Developed by First Touch games who specialize in football games across multiple mobile OS platforms, they have also been the team behind games such as Dream League Soccer and Score! World Goals – the prequel to Score! Hero. Score! Hero is an immersive game where important goal scoring moments from a fictional season are recreated match by match. The game hooks you in with its simple yet intuitive gameplay which revolves around finger swiping to guide the ball from player to player, till a goal scoring moment arrives.


The story begins with the user being invited to choose a mid-table (at best) club from some of the major football leagues. The player then has to play through levels involving a series of games where the difficulty increases with each game, season after season, to progress in his individual career. The developer has allowed the user to exercise his freedom and creativity in order to manoeuvre the ball around the field, guiding other players into counter attacking positions, delivering delicate lobs (ala Pirlo) for a one-touch finish or a volley (like Zlatan Ibrahimovic). At the same time, I personally loved an added feature presented by the developer that is to drop subtle hints before you execute your move. This really helps the player develop a feel for what can and cannot be done on the pitch, whilst at the same time allowing him or her to use their imagination to the fullest in order to complete the objective i.e. score the perfect goal. Awesome, right? But that’s not all. This game gets super fun when its amazing engine anticipates your intelligent moves. For example, instead of creating a scoring chance that would be seemingly difficult by the means of a simple pass, you could bravely attempt a forceful swipe intended to allow the finisher to score with a header or a volley, and you’ll only fall deeper in love with the game once you see a Zidane-ish finish wherein a volley is scored after receiving the ball on the chest! You can even nutmeg defenders when the opportunity presents itself and the best part is that the whole thing is unscripted but contextual. You’re a big fan of score hero, but you struggle to get to the next level? Maybe it’s because you don’t have enough cash hah… Or maybe you want more items for your hardworking player… Score hero can be really fun, but it can also be very depressing. If u have reached this hopeless point... Well, the answer is RIGHT HERE!


With the score hero hack you will be able to get as much cash. Mazel Tov!! It is a new tool which is able to generate unlimited Hero Bux and unlimited Energy in Score! Hero mobile game. There is no requirement to jailbreak your iOS or root Android. Score! Hero Hack Tool adds Hero Bux to the game without any extra permissions and also makes Energy unlimited. Do not spend your real money to play like pro! Get resources in a second. Again, it can add as many Hero Bux as you want. On the other hand, you can use Online Generator! Do not download a single file, use Score! Hero Generator Hero Bux Online! Scripts make the process super simple. Adding Hero Bux online right from browser is very comfortable. It remotely generates unlimited Hero Bux! No doubt, this is the best feature among our user’s reviews. It’s crazy and great, isn’t it?

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Score! Hero Hack features unlimited hero bux, unlimited energy, Compatibility with iOS (iPhone, iPad) 6+ and Android 4.0.4+, Android Root / iOS Jailbreak (JB) NOT required, Online Generator (using browser, no download), App Updates and 24/7 Support.

All you have to do is run the hack for Score Hero and enter your username, choose the correct platform and the amount of cash you want to get. After clicking generate button, follow the instructions.

Everyone should be able to have fun on this game, but some people take advantage of the Score Hack apk.The hack apk is absolutely legit and there is no risking for you of getting banned in the game. Hence, if they ask for your phone number, just follow instructions and send “stop” to the phone number. If you do this, everything will be free.

You will soon realize that the game’s short but addictive level designs allow you to play literally anywhere, even in the office! Thus the game’s greatest appeal would be that of a mid-morning/afternoon/evening stress-buster. As you move closer to becoming a legend, the game offers a chance to emulate world football celebrities like Ronaldinho or Henry and replicate their transfers to leagues like the MLS before you retire. From my personal experience, I would like to add why I still haven’t deleted this game, despite the fact that I have finished the game.

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How to use Score Hero Hack APK

• Put your Drеаm League Soccer Username • Wаіt until іt соnnесtѕ • Add thе аmоunt оf Cash, Energy and click "HACK" wаіt untіl the hack іѕ fіnіѕhеd. • Play аnd еnjоу the gаmе wіth unlimited coins аnd mоnеу!

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