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Get your Chat user id

Please complete an offer below in order to obtain a live chat user id for the username:

The unique live chat User ID for username is:

*After successful offer completion you will automatically get your unique user id. Then use that id to connect to the chat and ask an admin to authorize your IP Address.


Robux Hack - You need to complete a survey/offer if your ip address is blacklisted, if it is not you get your live support username directly without completing anything. We are doing that because we have problems with spammers and bots and that was the only reason why our free robux generator was usually down over and over, and to fix that we make this verification check so only the users that are human can use our roblox robux generator. Like that users who are looking for how to get free robux can get everytime the resources they want!
It is very easy, just select any survey you like, they're very easy and also free. Then complete the offer using your real informations (because if they detect false infos you probably can't get your user id). Wait a few seconds untill the system generate a unique id for you. Then speak with an roblox free robux admin to authorize your IP : []
Because your IP [] is blacklisted. We have a new authorization app that check constantly for bots.
If your IP is blacklisted that means that
  • Maybe You're a Bot
  • Maybe You're a Spammer
  • Maybe You're using a VPN
  • Maybe You're using a Proxy

But with the manual verification we know that you're a human and that only wants to use our free robux generator hack so we whitelist it!
When your IP [] is whitelisted click the button bellow to finish the process.

1. Connection options
2. Generator options
3. Choose Server
Helpdesk online
Welcome GUEST,
You need to get a unique user ID in order to chat with us
(you need to do this verification steps just for the 1st time)
Wrong User ID
Please use the hack
in order to obtain your user ID
  1. 1. Enter your username and select your device
  2. 2. Enter the amount of ROBUX AMOUNT, SERVER RESOURCES, TIX AMOUNT, you want
  3. 3. Choose if you want extra features
  4. 4. Press start
  • Users online: 284
  • Success rate: 99%
  • Server 1 Load: 44%
  • Server 2 Load: 23%
  • Server 3 Load: 52%
  • Server 4 Load: 39%
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