Clash Royale Hack

Clash Royale Hack

Clash Royale Hack - Get Unlimited Gold and Gems for FREE

before getting into Clash Royale Hack lets talk about the game a little bit, Since the launch of Clash Royale in 2016 people are going crazy over the game and there has been around 200 million downloads alone in just a year. The developers of Clash Royals Supercell, have earned about one billion dollars in just the app purchase alone. Now we know how popular the game is, but for the gamers who are reading this is another thing to be a Clash Royals player. We know how addicting the game is and it may even leave you feeling restless if you aren't winning.

Clash Royals is different from the other version of games, it uses the re-balance system so that the domination keeps changing time to time and there's nothing more we players hate it when there is a certain group of players dominating the game. We have noticed that gamers are always looking for Clash Royale Hacks to get more resources without using any money. It's a pretty exciting game but it is also time-consuming, as you need to wait for upgrades, get gold and gems and cards to be collected. So we have brought you a safe way to generate unlimited gold and gems using our Clash Royale Cheats.

How to use Clash Royale Hack Tool

Clash Royale Cheats

The focus of using Hack Clash Royale is to gain more gold and gems so you can invest it to buy more resources. The first thing you need to decide is how many Clash Royal free gems and gold you need and set the number. After you set the limit for a number of resources, you need to enter your Clash Royal Player Tag and make sure to check it twice as it will help you connect directly to your game. Now you patiently wait for the hacks to generate your resources. After the resources are generated you need to complete a two-step verification in order to get the gems and gold. First, you need to share the hack on any of your social media account like Facebook or Google+, just to spread the word. Second is to verify that you are not a robot which will be some short quizzes. After the two steps are done, you will receive your gems and gold in your Clash Royals account.

If you don't get it immediately do not worry, you will receive it within hours as other gamers are also trying to earn more resources from the app.

Clash Royals Insider Tips

Hack Clash Royale

We assume if you are reading this you already have played the game and you know how it is played. So here are some tips to help you gain a better ranking from a top players guide.

•   Do not start expensive; it's too soon to use your elixir card in the beginning of a match as there are sure chances of your opponent having a big elixir advantage.

•   Spend your gold wisely, pick your cards which are going to help you win and then level it up. Make sure to pick your favorite cards as gold is a valuable recourse and can run out.

•   Don't be too eager to make the first move, study your opponent and wait for them to make a move or else you can make sure you have 10 elixirs before playing your first card.

•   The opposite lane, push it so your opponent has to commit some of their elixirs to defend it. In case they drop a golem or a giant to protect their king throw something on the opposite lane to distract them.

•   So your tanks are very important, make sure to place them in the back during the first 2 min. Always build it by the kings' tower and then load behind.

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